Leave It To The Experts: Benefits Of OEM Servicing And Parts

Jul 03, 2020 0min read
Road transport and essential service sectors have been vital during COVID-19 and with an equally important role to play in the nation’s economic recovery, the health of Australia’s truck fleet is a top priority. When it comes to servicing and parts replacement—which can equate to a considerable cost over the life of a truck—the judicious selection of servicing, repairs and replacement parts can have a significant impact on a truck’s value and its overall longevity as a working asset. Isuzu Australia Limited (IAL) National Service Manager, Brett Stewart, noted the importance of routine maintenance and said businesses would benefit from choosing an authorised dealership to handle their aftersales care. “Maintenance is incredibly important in today’s chain of responsibility environment. It’s imperative that vehicles are maintained within manufacturer’s requirements to make sure they’re operating safely on the road,” said Mr Stewart. “A truck is often one of a business’s largest investments and preventative maintenance is worth the effort, compared to suffering a costly major part or componentry failure down the line. “But, if that does happen, electing to use an authorised dealership and Isuzu-trained technicians will help to extend the working life of your truck.” Isuzu Trucks technicians go through industry-leading training specific to the Isuzu product and know them inside and out. They undertake regular training programs, updating knowledge on vehicle inspections, diagnosis, repairs and systems management, amongst other service-related skills. Mr Stewart added, “The Service department works very closely with IAL’s Training department to ensure technicians in the Isuzu dealer network are upskilling, meaning we can quickly turn around and develop training programs aligned with dealer requirements.” Not all parts created equal Going hand in hand with the topic of maintenance is deciding whether to invest in genuine OEM parts or specifying aftermarket alternatives. The case for selecting aftermarket parts and componentry can sometimes be compelling, especially when it comes to the sticker price. Whilst markedly cheaper in some cases, this also means a disparity in testing and manufacturing quality. This of course can compromise safety and component longevity. It can also cause warranty and insurance issues. Mr Stewart explained, “Quality can vary greatly in the parts market and the saying, ‘you get what you pay for,’ rings true here. “I’d encourage all truck owners to have a look at the bigger picture, such as at safety and warranties,” he said. “From a cost perspective, aftermarket and foreign imports may look like an attractive option, but when you factor in the disadvantages of whether aftermarket components are going to work as they should in an accident... you need to ask yourself whether the initial cost saving is worth it.” Genuine OEM parts are guaranteed by the manufacturer to give the same quality of performance and safety of parts that roll off the assembly line with a new truck purchase—meaning that they are covered by a factory-backed warranty. “An OEM part is an integral component of the vehicle and goes through a stringent testing process before being released to market. This to meet high quality and safety performance standards under a variety of circumstances and environments,” said Mr Stewart. “The debate ultimately boils down to risk mitigation, safety and chain of responsibility—are you willing to take the risk of using a part that may not have undergone appropriate testing?” There is an argument that aftermarket suppliers—through the process of reverse engineering—could engineer a part equal to (and cheaper) than their genuine OEM counterparts. In response to this, Mr Stewart said, “Isuzu has a long and strong track record as Australia’s truck market leader and the reliability of our parts and products speak for themselves. “What I will say is, what you are paying for with a genuine part is value, founded in proven quality, reliability longevity and, ultimately giving business owners a peace of mind. “Take a the engine as an example. A willingness to jeopardise the longevity of the engine by using inferior filtration or lubricants is really a false economy. “It makes sense to ensure the integrity, safety and original specifications of your truck are maintained through an authorised Isuzu workshop by factory-trained technicians using genuine OEM parts.” Big ticket: peace of mind Mr Stewart also noted that signing up for a service agreement with an authorised dealer could assist fleet managers and individual owner-drivers gain better value in terms of whole-of-life maintenance and cost management of their truck. “Our customers have their own businesses to attend to day-to-day. With Isuzu’s Priority Service Agreement, you have a competitive monthly cost for the business and one that takes complete care of your fleet—it’s one less thing to worry about. “There’s also the benefit of being able to call into any one of the many Isuzu dealerships or Authorised Service Provider Outlets (APSO) nationwide—who employ just under 1,000 authorised Isuzu technicians—for support at any time. “Having a strong relationship with your dealership certainly can’t be understated,” he continued. “When it comes to achieving your business goals, especially for fleet managers, partnering with a local dealer will help you make sure downtime is reduced and your trucks are out on the road working for your business.” Book a service with a genuine Isuzu dealer today.

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