Hiring Gen Y Trucking Talent

Oct 29, 2018 0min read

Trucking has been at the forefront of the Australian logistics industry, which is only made possible by the committed people behind the trucks.

It’s these folks—lifelong drivers like Ross James and Australia’s oldest truckie, Peter Ward—that have really formed the backbone of this vibrant and rapidly changing industry. And as our current drivers retire, 20- to 35-year-old Gen Y truck drivers are set to be the next mighty cogs in the machine and take on the mantle as Australia’s next generation of trucking professionals. Reasons to become a truckie If a standard, mildly boring white-collar job is just not your thing, and you’re excited by the idea of a life on the open road, here’s a quick look at some benefits of the trucking life. Connection’s not a problem Gone are the days of long-haul drives with limited means to stay in touch with your loved ones. Thanks to technology and social media, smart phones powered by high-speed data networks have enabled truckies across the world to stay connected with friends and family, no matter where they are. New day, new office This is probably the most interesting aspect of life behind the wheel: no day is the same, with a variety of new routes to discover, new places to visit, new people to meet. But it’s not all a bed of roses However, with many lucrative features that make trucking a great career path, there are also some issues that plague the truck industry. The biggest concern so far is the shortage of trained truck drivers, which has created a strain on the industry. Trucks are there, jobs are there, but the drivers aren’t, and states like Victoria are suffering from this shortage. With Australia’s dispersed population and the freight task looking to increase significantly, there are ample opportunities for a career in the trucking industry. But before we can get there, we need to dispel a few myths within this community. How to hire the best and boost industry image There are several things we can consider to encourage the recruitment of Gen Y truck drivers.
  1. Educational courses and training for those keen to pursue a different career path. Gen Y-ers are thirsty for on-the-road adventures. And who can blame them for not wanting a potentially stuffy desk job? With the varied experiences a career in the trucking industry can offer, we can help them choose such an invigorating career path by having comprehensive apprenticeship programs in place. Having these in place can provide a steady stepping stone into the trucking industry for school graduates, and will provide young drivers with the necessary training to become licensed truck drivers.
  2. Collaboration between the truck industry and government bodies. This collaboration will ideally identify and put together procedures to change public perception of the industry, and encourage young Gen Y drivers to consider a trucking career. It would also help to establish more accredited driver training schools to upskill drivers, which would improve business operations standards and boost the image of the profession.
  3. Technological support. Times have changed, and the trucking industry isn’t one to be left behind. Proactive measures have been taken to offer technological support in today’s new trucks, including lane departure warning systems and dash cams, as well as other high-tech and telematics systems that improve safety and efficiency.
  4. Media Campaigns. Media campaigns and the truck industry seem to have little to do with each other—at a glance. However, what is often overlooked is that media campaigns can help increase public awareness of the importance of trucks to the Australian economy, which can help highlight the positives of the trucking industry.
Let’s get on it  With the next generation poised to take over the wheel (pun fully intended)—Gen Y-ers are set to steer the trucking industry through an increasing freight task, quite literally holding a big part of the nation’s economy in their hands. So let’s try to do what we can to help Gen Y-ers pursue a trucking career that will speak to the adventurous and help shape the future of the profession. And while we are on the subject of drivers, have a quick read of some tips to manage long-haul drives.  

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