Best Of The Best: National Technical Skills Competition 2019 Results

Aug 01, 2019 0min read

Held on 31 July 2019, this year’s National Technical Skills Competition saw stiff competition amongst the best of the best Isuzu truck technicians in the country.

Participating techs battled it out against highly complex, high-pressured tests, all vying for a place at the top to represent Australia at the upcoming I-1 Grand Prix, which will be held in Japan at the end of the year. Team coach Charlie Gracewood (front row, far left) and the participants (left to right, from far left front row) Magno Atanoc, Matthew Radke, Jason Lee, Alex Lee, and (left to right, from far left back row) Richard Dunsmuir, Adil Malinovic, Michael Primmer, Jason Peterkin, Luc Akurangi and Brad Hickey. We’ll go into more details about how the competition went down, and what’s next in store for the Australia team… but for now, here’s a quick look at the results of the competition. The top two finalists are Matthew Radke from Black Truck Sales, and Michael Primmer from Winter & Taylor. Congratulations! Together with coach Charlie Gracewood, Matthew and Michael will undergo intensive training before heading to the I-1 Grand Prix. While you’re here, check out some of Australia’s past successes at the I-1 Grand Prix.
Past Isuzu Australia successes at I-1 Grand Prix Infogram
Stay tuned to Isuzu Trucks for more details on how the 2019 National Technical Skills Competition played out!

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