AG Height Safety Setting a High Bar with Isuzu

Dec 11, 2020 0min read
AG Height Safety Queensland is more than just a supplier of height safety equipment—they work collaboratively with their clients to understand every site’s safety needs before they recommend, quote, deliver and install the right equipment. From setting up quick stage scaffolds for a small home roof repair to installing edge and void protection services at a construction site, AG Height is a one-stop shop for everything you need to make your work site safe and secure. Affectionately named ‘Head Honcho’ by the AG Height crew, AG Height Director Tim Johns said, “We welcome both residential and commercial clients... No project is too small, and no job is too hard.” According to Tim, he was one of the earlier innovators who came up with the metal fascia bracket—a clamp-on bracket which leaves no building damage—something people in the past thought couldn’t be done. “Even if something looks like it can’t be done, we will innovate and come up with a solution. We’ll make it work.” Having started in the industry at 19 years old, Tim’s worked his way through the ranks, until finally purchasing the AG Height in Cairns four years ago, at the age of 30. When Tim took over AG Height in Cairns, he was backed by “three blokes and three trucks”; and since then, the business has grown exponentially, thriving with branches across Brisbane, Townsville and Mackay. Tim currently employs over 40 employees and the business operates a fleet of 12 trucks, with 8 Isuzus in the mix. Why the large proportion of Isuzu trucks? Tim’s a self-proclaimed ‘Isuzu man’. Tim said, “I’ve always stuck with Isuzu and I’m never going anywhere else. “The affinity came from my father; my dad was a farmhand in a cane farm and used to drive an Isuzu F Series 900 Tipper, carting dirt all over the place. “That old farm truck lasted for years, and at the end of the day, it’s all about the quality for me. “Isuzus are just good quality trucks, and Isuzu has been pioneering the truck market and I still see a ton of them of on the road. “They have a strong and prestigious brand that’s still going after all these years—why would I consider anyone else?” In fact, to support the growing business, Tim has purchased three brand new Isuzu trucks in just the last three years. He worked with the Ireland Isuzu dealership in Cairns and decided on the Isuzu FRR 110-240 with automated manual transmission. Featuring a GVM of 11,000 kg, a GCM of 14,500 kg, as well as 177 kW @ 2,400 rpm and 765 Nm @ 1,600 rpm, the FRR was the perfect fit for the needs of the operation. With the innovator in him going strong, Tim had designed his own truck tray from scratch. Tim said, “Our trucks need to be forklift-friendly because we transport everything in stillages and crates, carrying everything from edge protection componentry to quick stage scaffolds and even temporary fencing. “So, I’ve designed the tray in a way that utilises every square inch for the storage and carriage of componentry. “The trays are built from aluminium so they can hold more weight, and they’ve been designed with fold-down cages all around that if necessary. The trays are even equipped with underbelly boxes.” “It is basically a shed on wheels,” Tim said with a laugh. “And once the bodybuilders were done fabricating the trays, the FRRs were the most versatile truck I’d ever seen.” The three new FRRs are segregated across the branches of AG Height, with one truck each in Cairns, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast. Tim said, “The trucks travel mainly within the metro areas, and there have been no complaints from my guys at all. “The FRR’s a smooth truck that drives well, and most importantly they keep my crew happy.” For Tim, prioritising his crew has been his winning formula. Tim shared, “AG Height stands for family, and anyone joining the company will instantly join a family.” Taking the idea of family seriously, the business employs a life coach for employees, helping to support them. “My crew’s wellbeing means a lot to me, and they are key to the success of AG Height.”  

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