Nov 23, 2022 2min read

It's less common for families to pass down skill sets through the generations in this modern era. However, well-known Adelaide-based business Craneworx, is keeping the knowledge sharing tradition well and truly alive. Craneworx is owned and operated by Joe Lockwood, while wife Tracey Lockwood handles the accounts and books. Their son, Daniel Lockwood, is the Operations Manager of Craneworx- which really makes it a concerted family affair. Daniel joined the family business as soon as he turned 18 and began his training to operate cranes back in 2008. Since then, he has steadily moved up the ranks into his current role, working alongside his parents in managing day-to-day operations. “We have a great working relationship. Things just run really smoothly,” Daniel said of working together with his parents. Craneworx is a crane and rigging hire business with a range of services covering crane hire and rigging steel erection and constructions services, through to relocations and installations of every type. This is all made possible with the help of the 2021 Craneworx Isuzu FYJ 300 – 350 8 x 4 tilt-tray, which plays a supporting role in providing critical equipment transport to and from sites all around Adelaide. “Back when I first began with my parents, we were all really hands-on,” Daniel recalled. “But since we’ve expanded and increased the staff count, we don’t do as much work together as we once used to. “Mum handles the accounts and bookkeeping, and I do a lot of the work behind the scenes like making sure the right vehicles and equipment are booked for the right jobs, visiting sites to assess what equipment we need and the correct approach we need to take towards the job before the team arrives,” Daniel said. “I guess my job is to make sure everything goes smoothly so that the boys can get on the road.” There are a lot of moving parts which make the well-oiled engine of Craneworx operate. Its why Daniel’s role is vital to the day-to-day machinations of the business. Having access to their new FYJ 300-350, with a GVM of 30,000 kg and a GCM 45,000 kg, means moving crane equipment around Adelaide has been made easier for Daniel and his team. Powered by Isuzu’s bullet-proof 6UZ1-TCN, 6-cylinder 24 valve engine and producing 257 kW @ 2,000 rpm and torque of 1,422 Nm @ 1,400 rpm, its safe to say there’s power on hand when called on. These credentials, when coupled with the ever-reliable 6-speed Allison 4430 automatic transmission, also means excellent drivability and manoeuvrability in a range of conditions and environments. Assisting in that task, the FYJ is equipped with some well-known components from Meritor® and Hendrickson. The axle set combined with HAS461 airbag suspension out the back provides a generous 18,000 kg capacity, it’s a critical component for a typical Craneworx delivery task. To top it off the Lockwoods had an eight-metre tray installed to carry their two-and-a-half tonne Hyva loader crane! “The FYJ plays quite a big role now in Craneworx. We've only had it for 12 months, but it's totally changed the way we can do things from a transport perspective. “In the past we used to send out bigger trucks with less power to do the jobs, we’ve even used a semi–prime mover. Now we can canvas new customers just from having the tilt-tray crane truck. “Craneworx now does a lot of tilt-on jobs and loads of aircon installations with the FYJ and its crane. “We went all out adding a lot of features to the FYJ such as the tilt-tray, the handrail systems which are needed for our tier-one customers, and a lot of safety features like reverse sensors and reverse camera that make being on jobs sites safer in general. “A lot goes into my job with assessing sites from a safety perspective and determining what equipment is needed. The added safety features on the FYJ make getting inducted onto a site a smoother process,” Daniel explained. Craneworx travels all over South Australia, however recently most jobs are condensed to the metropolitan areas of Adelaide and the Barossa Valley region. That said their FYJ has done more than 30,000 kilometres since it landed with Craneworx in mid-2021 as it’s been in high demand with clients ever since. It’s a customer favourite to be hired out and used by other businesses expanding the customer base of Craneworx. “We purchased the truck from North East Group out at Burton, where we get it serviced as well, and so far, everything has gone smoothly.” When asked about Craneworx future transport plans Daniel said, “We would definitely go with Isuzu when we expand the Craneworx’s truck fleet! “Isuzu are very well respected in the trucking industry, and to be able to reach the 50-year milestone in 2022 is evidence of the reliability of their product.” 

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